The Last

Building the bot

Trapped in the ruins of a timeless world, an aging scientist struggles in isolation whilst striving to repair his A.I. companion. As he tries to crack the technology, his frustrated ambition and loneliness begin to take their toll.

The Last was produced by Point8, with the editing, VFX and 3D work being carried out in house. With the robot acting as the narrative drive of the film, a great deal of time and focus was spent on getting the character design just right in order to achieve the desired appeal. The dedication to this process practically mirrored the focus and determination of the Scientist himself!



From the Directors

“Being fans of science fiction, we found ourselves making a film that fell into the setting, but never really considered the film to be a ‘sci-fi’ story. Sure, there’s a Robot, but at the heart of the film is essentially this old man, nearing the end of his life and being pushed to his limits whilst living and working in utter isolation. From the start we were keen to focus on telling his story and creating something that still felt human and relatable to life today, within that sci-fi setting.”

Samuel Turner & Andrew Dobson

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