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Animated explainer films are the most effective way to communicate complex information and processes with your target audience succinctly and memorably. At Point8 we’re committed to crafting exceptional explainer animations that transcend the ordinary; capturing your brand and message as succinctly as possible. We tell each story in a way that goes beyond conveying information, striving to draw the audience in and sparks a connection that truly lasts.

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Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Whether it’s explaining a product’s features or showcasing a service in action , animated explainer video can be utilised to distill complex information into bite-sized, visually appealing content, ensuring that your audience absorbs key messages effortlessly. The dynamic nature of animation captures attention and maintains engagement through timeless appeal, ensuring the focus is where it needs to be and information is retained.

Through considered, intentional design; explainer animations can adhere to brand guidelines effortlessly. Enabling them to be deployed across websites, social media, presentations and marketing campaigns alongside other material seamlessly.

Step by Step: Behind Crafting Compelling Explainers

We’ve refined our explainer animation process over hundreds of projects and years of experience, allowing us to guide you through the process with ease, ensuring you can trust in a reliable and efficient pipeline throughout every project.

  • Discovery
  • Script Development
  • Styleframes
  • Voiceovers
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Audio mix
  • Revisions
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Essential Elements of Effective Explainers

We believe in cutting through the noise and making every moment count. A good explainer video communicates your message with crystal clarity, ensuring that even the most intricate concepts are easily understood by your target audience.  Our animated videos are crafted with a narrative focus, taking your audience on a journey through the power of storytelling that not only informs but captivates from the first frame to the last.

 We’re committed to delivering a visually captivating experience. Each scene is meticulously designed with an attention to visual aesthetics that not only enhances the overall appeal but also reinforces the key messages, all the while considering how it fits into the overall brand identity. Through innovative design choices we strive to leave a lasting impression, making your explainer video not just informative but visually memorable.

Navigating Animation's Versatility with Expertise

  • 2D Animation: Ideal for conveying simplicity and charm, 2D animation adds a classic, hand-drawn touch to your explainer videos, creating a warm and approachable feel.
  • 3D Animation: For a more dynamic and immersive experience, 3D animation allows for realistic visuals and intricate detailing, making your explainer videos visually stunning and impactful.
  • Character Animation: Character animation enhances explainers by infusing life and relatability into content. Expressive movements, emotions, and a touch of personality can captivate audiences with a relatable touch.
  • Motion Graphics: Whether bringing typography and infographics to life or creating abstract geometric visuals, our dedication to crafting stunning motion graphic design allows us to transform concepts into compelling narratives, elevating your message and engaging your audience.

Why We're the Right Choice

Our proven track record is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Countless successful projects showcase our ability to consistently deliver outstanding explainer videos that resonate with audiences. Whether it’s 2D animation for a charming, illustrative style or 3D animation for a more dynamic visual experience, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our meticulous attention to detail sets us apart. Every aspect of the animation process, from concept to final delivery, is handled with precision, guaranteeing a polished and professional explainer video that exceeds expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority. We involve you in the creative process, ensuring that the final explainer video aligns perfectly with your brand and goals.


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